Academic Year Plan

  • We are proud to report that 2018-19, batch of Xth std students hay brought laurels to the school by their excellent result. We achieved 100% resul in AISSE. Master Athul S. secured 98% and he scored 100 marks in Social Sci. students sparked with 4 Al and 12 others were above 85%. The merit certification is a special recognition from CBSE for the students who have excelled in the field of academics. We are proud to announce Master Athul S. will be honored with CBSE merit certificate during the award ceremony. This was possible because of the continues efforts by the dedicated teachers and caring management. 2. Academic promotion is regularly maintained by 18 trained teachers. To check hidden abilities all our 400 students are given platform during weekly assemblies. They are devided in 4 houses to regulate healthy competitions. Teachers elected Smt. Raji Jacob as the staff seceretory and all the other teachers were assigned with responsibilities to be rendered year throughout. School Parliament election was conducted head boy Master Jerrin Thomas Kumari Sandra Maria and 8 other house leaders were elected unanimously .


  • Exams are conducted regularly in CBSE board format were q.papers are designed by outside agencies so that every time a child writes exams he is facing a new challenge on his own without any help from teachers. Ranking system develop healthy spirit of competition.


  • We have incorporated 4 digital class rooms tied with extra marks company for interactive teaching from KG to X. Our students are given opportunity to participate in on line talent examinations. The first zonal level is already accomplished we expect to get an exposure in the final level. Our team rockers get training weekly.

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