Rules & Regulations

  1. Diary should be brought everyday.
  2. Pupil should reach the school before the first bell.
  3. The school uniform should be worn daily.
  4. Pupil should be neat and clean in person and dress.
  5. Classroom and school premises should be kept neat and tidy.
  6. No books, news paper or periodicals other than school books may be brought to the class. 
  7. Reach well prepared with the entire lesson previously taught and the homework properly done.
  8. Students are advised to speak English at School.
  9. Pupils are forbidden to go to shop or to home of other students without the permission of the Principal at school time.
  10. The management may request a parent / guardian to withdraw his / her child incase he / she does not fit in with the rules and regulations of the school and is found incapable of improvement. In such case the decision of the manager shall be final.
  11. Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their own books and belongings.
  12. Any damaged done to the school property or that of other students should be reinstated.
  13. Student must stand attention when National Anthem the School Anthem are sung.
  14. Students must strictly follow the direction given by the principal and teachers.
  15. Students behaviour in the classroom, school premises and the school bus must be polite and decent, Remember correct behaviour is an expression of a noble character.
  16. courtesy begets courtesy 

Make a habit to use the word PLEASE and THANK YOU in their dealings with others. This will make the impression that you are refined persons.

  1. Students must be decent in their speech. Calling others  nick name and using bad words are strictly prohibited.
  2. Late commers are not allowed to enter the class with out the permission of the principal.
  3. When classes are going on students must observe complete silence in the class room. If teacher is absent the class leader should inform the matter to the Principal immediately. Till teacher comes the class, the class leader will take care of the class. Other students must obey him / her.
  4. Sports and games are compulsory for all students except for those who are declared physically unfit by a doctor or exempted by the Principal.
  5. Students are prohibited from eating or chewing any eatables during class hours.
  6. Any serious breach of discipline including discourtesy and disrespect to the members of the school staff in any way, will be treated seriously.
  7. Moral science classes should be attended strictly.
  8. All saturdays are holidays for KG section.
  9. 80% attendence is required for promotion.

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